The following items are guidelines to be used by NDASFAA members when requesting reimbursement for expenses incurred and/or prepayment of registration dues and other expenses.

  1. The reimbursement voucher must be completed for each transaction, whether the individual is seeking reimbursement for an expense incurred, or would like a check issued for prepayment of an expense (i.e., registration dues).
  2. All required documentation must accompany the voucher before a reimbursement will be made.
    1. Receipts must be submitted for expenses incurred. EXCEPTION: In cases where state per diem and/or mileage rates are used, receipts are not required. However, a copy of the agenda of the conference, meeting, etc., must accompany the reimbursement voucher.
    2. To be reimbursed for airfare, individual must submit a copy of the airline itinerary and final coupon or passenger coupon/receipt from flight ticket. For individuals requesting prepayment of airfare (prior to actual trip), a copy of the itinerary must accompany the reimbursement form. Upon completion of the trip, individuals must submit final coupon or passenger coupon/receipt from flight ticket.
    3. Treasurer will pay conference/workshop/meeting registration fees upon request. The registration form must accompany the reimbursement voucher. A request for reimbursement for dues already paid by an individual must be accompanied by a copy of a canceled check or credit card receipt, and other evidence of conference attendance (i.e., conference agenda).
  3. Reimbursement requests submitted by the Treasurer must have a second approval by another member of the NDASFAA Executive Board. This includes requests for payments directly to the Treasurer and those submitted by Treasurer for payment to a vendor.

Revised 01/11/2008

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