Awards/Membership Timeline

Updated April 2018

Date Action
  • Conference call set for our committee to discuss the upcoming year events and awards.
  • Send out emails to NDASFAA members for Rookie of the Year nominations and Retiree's.
  • Prepare final expenditures report for the current year
  • Prepare final committee report for the spring business meeting
  • Collaborate with the president in identifying 25 year award recipients and other awards as requested by the president.
  • Purchase the 25yr recognition awards to be presented at the spring conference.
  • Assist conference planning committee with any retirement gifts.
  • Update scrapbook prior to NDASFAA Conference.
  • Select new committee vice-chair who will become chair for the subsequent year
  • Update membership renewal form on web.
  • Email membership renewal information to NDASFAA listserv and include a request to membership to complete/update the individual Member Information Form