Diversity and Multi-Cultural Initiatives Timeline

Date Action
January State President formed committee members, selected chairs and sent e-mail.
  • Formed e-mail group with list of members so I can contact everyone on the committee with one e-mail.
  • Reviewed the duties and functions of the committee as noted on the NDSASFAA website in the Policies and Procedures section. Also read the information on the RMASFAA website to see what the primary responsibilities of the RMASFAA MCI committee were.
  • Reviewed past annual reports to see what has been done in past years and what projects are in the works. Did the same for the RMASFAA MCI committee to get ideas.
  • Sent e-mail to those on the committee notifying them of the committee responsibilities, and asking for ideas and whether they wish to be an active member on the committee.
  • Sent an e-mail and phoned and left a message for Katie Nettel at Lake Region State College and inquired about the RMASFAA Diversity Screening Manual and whether NDASFAA could look at and possibly us it. She never returned my call or e-mail.
March Sent e-mail asking each member to bring at least one idea to the spring meeting in Mandan next month.
  • Prepared agenda for committee meeting at the spring conference.
  • Met with committee at spring conference, selected vice chair (Marge Michael), determined which activities and projects the committee will undertake for the year, and assigned tasks to all committee members.
  • Solicit nominations of possible candidates to receive the leadership development funds to attend Summer Institute. For 2002, we went with financial aid employees from the tribal schools only, but for 2003 we hope to expand on our definite of diversity to incorporate others.
  • Report on DMCI committee activities at the Executive Council and Business meetings.
  • Prepare minutes for the meeting that was held at the spring conference and e-mail to all committee members for review and approval. Also sent a copy to secretary (Don Flaherty) for business meeting minutes.
  • On May 1st, selected recipient of leadership develop development funds to attend Summer Institute. The method of selection was a simple draw of names. Notified the recipient (Tammy Klein of United Tribes) so she could get registered prior to May 15. Also notified state president (Lynn Aaberg) so she could publish the winner, and also the treasurer (Ruth Gress) so she could help her with payment.
June TBD
  • Worked with Ruben Guerras from RMASFAA, and Katie Nettle and Mary Ann Whitman to coordinate the RMASFAA book drive. Jocey helped choose a school and it was decided that our committee was responsible for manning the book collection booth.
  • Decided not to do both a cultural diversity newsletter and philanthropy project based on lack of time and lack of interest in participation from committee members. We will do only the philanthropy project.
  • E-mailed committee members asking for help with the book drive.
  • Checked various organizations in Fargo as possible recipients of philanthropy project. Was referred to Cultural Diversity Resources by our Multi-Cultural Office on campus. Spoke with Yok Sim, director, and got more information about their organization.
  • E-mailed committee for second request for helping with book drive. Nobody beyond the initial three people volunteered to help. Called Katie and told her we may have a problem manning the booth for the entire time, as only Donna Johnson, Jocey Deutsch, Shirley Glass and I are available, and only in limited capacity.
  • Also e-mailed committee for approval of Cultural Diversity Services of Fargo-Moorhead as the recipient of the philanthropy project. Only 6 of the 16 replied, but they were all in favor.
  • E-mailed Lynn Aaberg to make sure we can solicit cash donations for the project and present money to the recipient rather than prizes, per their request and needs.
  • E-mailed Donna, Shirley and Jocey with assignment times for the book drive booth.
  • Manned the booth for the RMASFAA book drive.
  • Reported on the progress of the philanthropy project at the state meeting at RMASFAA.
November TBD
December TBD