Diversity and Multi-Cultural Initiatives Timeline


  • Schedule a meeting of the DMCI Committee to discuss the upcoming spring NDASFAA Conference, including the Philanthropy Project and potential speakers/presentations for the conference
  • Work with the Conference Committee Chair regarding the Philanthropy Project for the conference. Present ideas and provide support in promoting the project and assisting at the conference
  • Work with the Conference Committee Chair regarding speaker topics for the conference. Reach out to potential presenters or develop presentations with a focus on diversity and multi-cultural issues


  • Prepare for the committee meeting at the upcoming NDASFAA Conference. Advise the members that the committee will meet at the conference to:
    • Review the year’s committee activities
    • Wrap-up committee projects
    • Establish future goals
  • Review and provide feedback to the EC regarding the DMCI procedures and recommend any updates as needed
  • Prepare a report for the NDASFAA EC meeting and NDASFAA business meeting at the NDASFAA Conference, including any recommendations
  • Review the DMCI timeline on the NDASFAA website and update if needed


  • Meet with he DMCI Committee at the conference for a year-end wrap-up and review, establishing goals and business meeting report.
    • Review the responsibilities of the committee as detailed in the NDASAFAA Policies and Procedure
    • Review the DMCI timeline
    • Receive projects that are outstanding
    • Select a new chair/co-chair if needed
    • Solicit additional members (be sure DMCI committee membership is current on the NDASFAA website)


  • Contact upcoming Conference Chair regarding the DMCI Committee involvement.
  • Schedule a meeting with the DMCI Committee in early fall to discuss the committee’s responsibilities, goals and progress on any projects. Start brainstorming on conference speaker/presentation topics and philanthropy project ideas
  • Begin meeting with the Conference Chair regarding philanthropy project and speaker ideas

January-December (ongoing)

  • Provide articles or other items of interest related to diversity to the NDASFAA membership via the NDASFAA listserv
  • Post all minutes from DMCI committee meetings to the NDASFAA websites