NDASFAA Leadership Development Program

The North Dakota Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators is very fortunate to have additional support from two of the Associate members. Student Loans of North Dakota and Education Assistance Corporation have provided money to be used to develop leadership skills of NDASFAA members. NDASFAA has decided to use these funds for scholarships to be used to assist in the cost of attending national, regional and state leadership events. The first priority will be to send new officers to NASFAA Leadership training with the current President Elect in Washington D.C. The balance of available funds will be used to provide scholarships for the membership at large.

Professional/Leadership Development Scholarship

This Scholarship can be used to help members defray the cost of attending leadership or professional development activities. Funds will be awarded to member requesting to attend activities such as, but not limited to:

  • RMASFAA Summer Institute
  • RMASFAA Professional Development and Leadership Training
  • RMASFAA Decentralized Training
  • RMASFAA Conference
  • NASFAA Best Practices Symposium
  • NASFAA Conference
  • Federal Electronic Access Conference
  • Federal Spring Conference

Scholarship awards will be based on the level of funding available each calendar year. The maximum scholarship amount shall be equal to any registration fees, actual room charges, state board rates, travel and travel-related (taxi, airport parking, shuttle, mileage to and from airport) expenses. Travel reimbursements cannot exceed the cost of commercial airfare booked at least 14 days in advance, if a privately owned or institutional vehicle is used, costs will be reimbursed at the state mileage rate but shall not exceed commercial airfare for the same trip (Please see the NDASFAA reimbursement guidelines for details on procedure and required documentation). Scholarship recipients would be ineligible to reapply for funding for the next two consecutive years following the activity.

Applications must be submitted to the President at least 90 days prior to the scheduled event and recipients will be notified at least 45 days prior to the event.   The NDASFAA Executive Council will choose the recipients and the amount of funding they will receive based on funding available. Award recipients will be recognized at the NDASFAA Spring Conference or the state meeting at the RMASFAA Fall Conference, which ever is applicable.

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