The First NDASFAA Meeting Minutes


June 2, 1969

The meeting was called to order by acting President Gerald Hamerlik. The following people were present:

Gerald Hamerlik – UND
Herb Schimmelpfennig – BJC
Raymond H. Dwelle – Mary College
Lowell D. White – Mary College
Robert J. Poss – WSSS
Mrs. Avelon Ulmer – UNDEB
Clark J. Wold – Jamestown College
Bryan S. Lonski – NDSU
Ken Anderson – NDSU
Wayne Tesmer – NDSU
Susan Gutches – NDSU
Garvins Stevens – UNDWC
LaVern Jessen – DSC
Alf A. Aanestad – MSC
Ellen Kientz – VCSC

New Business

  1. The 15 percent teacher cancellation for North Dakota schools was discussed. The list of 15 percent schools which came from the Bismarck Office was discussed and it was decided that it should be used with caution. A complete listing of nationwide 15 percent schools should be available shortly from Washington.

  2. The second order of business was the discussion of the proposed consitution. After much good-natured argument a final version was completed. Garvin Stevens moved to accept as amended and Herb Schimmelpfennig seconded the motion. It was approved by the members present.

Election of Officers

Gerald Hamerlik – President

Clark Wold – President Elect

Bryan Lonski – Secretary/Treasurer

The above people were the only candidates for office and were unanimously selected.


President Hamerlik set up a nomination committe of chairman Garvin Stevens, Alf Aanestad, and Ellen Kientz.

Herb Schimmelpfennig was asked to coordinate our next meeting with Glen Dolan.

The executive committee decided on an annual dues of one dollar. The Secretary/Treasurer will send out a billing in September.

Wayne Tesmer moved to adjourn and Lowell White seconded.

Membership & Treasurer’s Report

February 11, 1970
Income from Dues
Income – $27.00
Expense – $0
Balance – $27.00