Wall of Honor

The NDASFAA Wall of Honor is designed to honor and remember past members of our organization who made contributions to the students and financial aid community in our state

Lynn Aaberg- Williston State College
Alf Aanestad- Minot State College
Bruce Anderson- North Dakota State University
Ken Anderson- North Dakota State University
Jerome Berg- Mayville State College
Gerrianee (Davis) Bird Bear- Fort Berthold Community College/University of North Dakota
Kristi Black- Cankdeska Cikana Community College
Mark Brickson- University of North Dakota
Diane Christenson- Bottineau State School of Forestry/MISU-Bottineau
Jeannine Christy- Bank of North Dakota
MerriJo Connole- Minot State University
Devon Croft- Denver Regional Office, U.S. Dept. of Education
Margaret Day- Denver Regional Office, U.S. Dept. of Education
Raymond (Ray) Dwelle0 Mary College/United Tribes Technical College
Helen Eiken- Mayville State College
Sandy Eleshaug- University of North Dakota Medical School
Jeanne Enebo- North Dakota State University
Duane Fadness- University of North Dakota
Don Flaherty- Trinity Bible College
Kimberly Gourneau- Dakota College at Bottineau
Ruth Gress- Dickinson State University
Dennis Gullickson- Valley City State University/North Dakota State University
Susan Gutches- North Dakota State University
Mark Hadlich- Akers Business School
Dr. Gerald (Jerry) Hamerlik- University of North Dakota
Lynn Haverlock- Williston State College
Bruce M. Helgerud- University of North Dakota
Ethel Hensrud- Lake Region Junior College
Sherwin D. Hibbits- Trinity Bible Institute
Alice Hoffert- University of North Dakota
Robin Holden- University of North Dakota
Delores James- Student Loans of North Dakota
LaVern Jessen- Dickinson State College
Donna Johnson- Norwest Banks
Dennis Junk- University of North Dakota/ North Dakota University System
Ellen Kientz- Valley City State College
Sandy Klein- Dickinson State University
Kathy Knudson- Bank of North Dakota
Julie Kubisiak- Student Loans of North Dakota
Rohit Kulkarni- University of North Dakota
Bryan S. Lonski- North Dakota State University
Scott Mahar- University of North Dakota/ND Higher Education Computer Network
Marge Michael- University of Jamestown/North Dakota University System
Thomas (Tom) Monahan- Denver Regional Office, U.S. Dept. of Education
Robert (Bob) Neas- Mayville State College/North Dakota State University
Kathy Nelson- Minot State University
Robert (Bob) Nelson- University of North Dakota
Lou Oldenburg- Valley City State University
Robert Parisien- United Tribes Technical College
Peggy Pazderic- University of North Dakota
Robert J Poss- Williston State
Loretta Prather- University of North Dakota
Jennifer (Jenny) Reese- University of North Dakota
Jean Rock- SLFC
Becky Rude- North Dakota State University
Herb Schimmelpfennig- Bismarck Junior College
Holly Schirado- Bank of North Dakota
Charlene Schuchard- Bismarck State College
Betty Schumacher- Valley City State University
David (Dave) Soliah- University of North Dakota/Higher Education Computer Network
Martin (Buck) Stenehjem- VP Bank of North Dakota-Student Loans of North Dakota
Judith (Judy) Stephens- The Hairdesigners Academy
Garvins Stevens- North Dakota State University
Nathan Stratton- United Tribes Technical College/North Dakota University System
Wayne Tesmer- North Dakota State University
Sheila Tibke- North Dakota University System
Don Tobin- North Dakota State School of Schience
Paul Tone- Denver Regional Office, U.S. Dept. of Education
Avelon Ulmer- University of North Dakota
Mary Ann Whitman- EAC/Trinity Bible College
Lowell D. White- Mary College
Peggy Wipf- North Dakota University System
Clark Wold- Jamestown College/ND Board of Higher Education-Director of ND State Grant
Sister Rosanne Zastoupil- Mary College